Month: December, 2010


Equilateral necklace-found in NeedSupply

I am a sucker for necklaces like the above.The simplicity,the perfect gold color.I am pretty difficult with jewelry-I don’t get easily satisfied.But this hits all the right notes I shall say.Buy it at at NeedSupply

The search for the perfect faux fur coat

 Seems like all I do in this blog is talk about glitter shoes.Yes,I do have a non denying love about glitter shoes, but this is not my only range of interest. Actually, I love patterns and textures.Glitter,fur,leather,lace,knits,chiffon…Give me one of each,please. But one of my constant fashion searches is the perfect leopard and white shaggy fur coat,respectively.It is so funny that as far as glitter shoes go I can find tons of options and narrow it down to a few of my liking,but faux fur coats…Yeah,different story.Above, there are some examples of what the perfect faux fur looks like,by Zara and Topshop,the masters of grasping what we want. Another site I came across which carries an interesting range of faux fur coats is british online shop They usually carry a lot of offers( right now I think they have a 30% discount) and I have to get my hands on one of their furry garments. There you go boohoo, free advertisment. 

Right when you thought that I am done with glitter shoes

Lita black glitter via the Solestruck blog-coming soon in Solestruck
Oh.My.Gooood.(Janice from Friends voice)
Glitter shoes must be the new big thing in shoewear, because as soon as you think you’ve seen everything glitter shoe related, something new pops up. My thoughts on this babe?Looooves!If I were to buy black Litas, I would definately buy this.Because glitter is not calf or distessed leather,it’s something more,something awesome.Small,sparkly particles of awesome.Keep an eye out for these.You need them.They are black.They are glitter.They go with everything.Dont buy the black leather litas.Nope.


Senso Wilma Glitter shoe-solestruck.Picture from the solestruck blog.
I am dying right this second.Seriously.I saw these shoes and oh something inside me broke…I am a fan of glitter shoes(see a couple posts below) and these do something to me oh my…I want the silver and the gold (not so keen on the black one) but especially the silver…Oh how I need them!But of course as luck would have it they have runned out of my size (seriously?so soon?I mean common solestruck it’s your duty to have every freaking size PLEASE) and I’ve read on the solestruck blog that they are limited edition?COMMON.Limited edition is pointless.Whoever is behind the limited edition idea should consider the big bucks they would make if this was a permanent shoe.It could compete with the infamous Litas.Oh well.If you see an eBay listing for those in 9 LET ME KNOW

Oh yeah Zara thanks for reminding me why I love leopard print so much

Zara leopard clutch in fact adore leopard print.If I could incorporate all the leopard print pieces I own in one outfit I would look like a crazy odd cat woman,but I am sure that I would enjoy this overdose of leopard in some weird way. Back to this clutch (don’t you think that I always make an akwardly long intro and then always say back to the subject?). Well I saw it in the window display in the Zara of the nearby mall,and I nudged my boyfriend so hard from the immediate lust that consumed me about this piece of fashion satisfaction.I think I spend about 15 minutes (it was probably about 10 seconds) admiring it.However it costs about $100 and I am in such a dilema because I can either buy shoes and some random clothing pieces and start doing outfit posts for you (I have so many ideas in my mind) and wait for this to pop up on eBay,or I can buy it.Haha I know what I’ll do!

Btw thanks to all of you that came here and commented or just plainly read my posts!It means a lot to me to have feedback even if I am just starting out!Keep checking for the outfit posts!

Yes,this is summery,and summer is far away but…

Stone_Cold_Fox lace bells via Revolve Clothing
…one can dream right?These beautiful overpriced leggings/pants are a perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe…I believe these would look killer with some Jeffrey Campbell Foxys…Yeah I love Jeffrey Campbell…Anyways,back to those bells…I think I saw that American Gold will launch similar ones for spring or something,hopefully they are cheaper…Anyways how woud you wear these?I would probably incorporate them in my winter wardroe too 😉

It may sparkle like a Cullen…But it’s a treat for your feet

Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Pewter Glitter-you can find it in Solestruck,Nasty Gal
Okay.Confession Time. I may actually dislike Twilight and all that entails. Actually,what I really dislike is the association of glittery things with Edward. Do you remember the time before the whole Twilight craze? What line did we use to prep people for something really glittery? Personally, I don’t remember, so therefore I used the Cullen example.Did you havbe enough of me talking about everything but the shoes yet?
Let’s get down to these shoes. As you will probably find out I’m a sucker for glitter. It’s something about those little sparkly particles that make my day and night…Sigh I don’t know… Well, when I first saw these shoes my first reaction was ehmm okay, kudos to Jeffrey Campbell for finding more ways to wow the fashionistas and get their money in such a sparkley way. Then two days later I saw them again, and oh there is no turning back. THEY ARE GORGEOUS. I can just picture wearing them with anything. Well when the Jeffrey Campbell people decide to re-stock them.
Has any of you tried the Lita in general? Is the statement “slippers with heels” true or an exaggeration? I am still waiting for the taupe suede ones to come back in stock.