The search for the perfect faux fur coat

by Irene

 Seems like all I do in this blog is talk about glitter shoes.Yes,I do have a non denying love about glitter shoes, but this is not my only range of interest. Actually, I love patterns and textures.Glitter,fur,leather,lace,knits,chiffon…Give me one of each,please. But one of my constant fashion searches is the perfect leopard and white shaggy fur coat,respectively.It is so funny that as far as glitter shoes go I can find tons of options and narrow it down to a few of my liking,but faux fur coats…Yeah,different story.Above, there are some examples of what the perfect faux fur looks like,by Zara and Topshop,the masters of grasping what we want. Another site I came across which carries an interesting range of faux fur coats is british online shop They usually carry a lot of offers( right now I think they have a 30% discount) and I have to get my hands on one of their furry garments. There you go boohoo, free advertisment.