Oh yeah Zara thanks for reminding me why I love leopard print so much

by Irene

Zara leopard clutch
I.love.leopard.print.I in fact adore leopard print.If I could incorporate all the leopard print pieces I own in one outfit I would look like a crazy odd cat woman,but I am sure that I would enjoy this overdose of leopard in some weird way. Back to this clutch (don’t you think that I always make an akwardly long intro and then always say back to the subject?). Well I saw it in the window display in the Zara of the nearby mall,and I nudged my boyfriend so hard from the immediate lust that consumed me about this piece of fashion satisfaction.I think I spend about 15 minutes (it was probably about 10 seconds) admiring it.However it costs about $100 and I am in such a dilema because I can either buy shoes and some random clothing pieces and start doing outfit posts for you (I have so many ideas in my mind) and wait for this to pop up on eBay,or I can buy it.Haha I know what I’ll do!

Btw thanks to all of you that came here and commented or just plainly read my posts!It means a lot to me to have feedback even if I am just starting out!Keep checking for the outfit posts!