by Irene

Senso Wilma Glitter shoe-solestruck.Picture from the solestruck blog.
I am dying right this second.Seriously.I saw these shoes and oh something inside me broke…I am a fan of glitter shoes(see a couple posts below) and these do something to me oh my…I want the silver and the gold (not so keen on the black one) but especially the silver…Oh how I need them!But of course as luck would have it they have runned out of my size (seriously?so soon?I mean common solestruck it’s your duty to have every freaking size PLEASE) and I’ve read on the solestruck blog that they are limited edition?COMMON.Limited edition is pointless.Whoever is behind the limited edition idea should consider the big bucks they would make if this was a permanent shoe.It could compete with the infamous Litas.Oh well.If you see an eBay listing for those in 9 LET ME KNOW