Month: August, 2013

Splurge or Save

This week: the battle of the pink coats.


Splurge:  RED Valentino

Save: ZARA


Get the look: VMAs 2013

2013: the year when the VMAs became relevant again. A lot of things took place that night, things we will remember for quite a while. However, celebrities didn’t fail to impress on the red carpet. Here is how you can get looks similar to those worn on the VMAs’ red carpet.


Jemima Kirke


Black lace dress

Red slip

Hot pink heels

Ariana Grande


Floral dress

White heels

Floral dress

Allison Williams


Lace dress

Black high heels

Black heels

Lace dress

Zara coats infactuation

     Zara has upped the fall-winter game with an array of coats for every taste. Obsessing over the pink one in particular.


The perfect pink coat.

The combination parka.

The trench coat.

The military inspired.

The colorful coat.

The hooded coat.

Home(mint) bound

I recently discovered HomeMint, a site curated by Justin Timberlake and Estee Stanley which focuses on home decor items.  I browsed it and was smitten by the choices available, so I present you some of my favorite items.




Lighting fixtures in unique fabrics.

A brass skull to update a monochrome space.

Pillows with a subtle hint of color.

Trick or treat candles for a seasonal feel.

Guest books that are a perfect addition to any coffee table.

A palm trees print in black and white.

Woven baskets that add an ethnic note.

Things I won’t miss about summer



     Ah, summer. The season most people (yours truly included) consider as their favorite. The season of sun, tanning, the tastiest fruit, BBQs, days spent lounging on the beach,warm weather and longer days. With only a few days left till summer waves buh-bye and in order to defeat the approaching depression associated with summer’s end, I present to you that things that will (universally) won’t be missed about summer. Those things that we overlook as we reminisce past summer days.  Please feel free to let me know in the comments if something slipped my mind.

  • The boiling heat (obviously). Summer is hot and perfect, but only when you are at a temperature regulated (indoor) climate or by the pool or the beach. If you try to do something outside, well be prepared for a lot of sweating. Which brings us to:
  • The insane sweat amounts produced. I know that there is a limit to the amount of sweat the human body can produce, but when temperature reaches so high that you can fry an egg on the sidewalkm no matter what you wear, no matter how breezy your sundress, you will sweat.a.ton. Sweating is uncomfortable when you are in a public setting. Sweating is bad. Sweating should stay in the gym. Thanks to summer you can get that gym-sweaty look the minute you step outside your house. Thanks, summah. Thanks a LOT.
  • Bugs. Bugs everywhere. It’s summer! It’s time for a picnic! Wait do you hear that? Oh yeah, WASP ATTACK. You manage to survive, yet you go home to find out a cockroach is currently residing at your place, because it is so hot in the sewage system. Yeah, bugs find their way out of their winter holes and into the world everytime summer comes. So nice!
  • Make up melting off your face. I love my make up. It makes me feel all nice and happy and confident. Nobody can make me take it off. Oh, well scratch that, actually summer can. Summer, with its extremely high temperatures will make my make up melt off my face in no time.  So, my face is a sweaty, smudged mess. Summer will ruin your gorgeous make up look. In the end, it makes you feel like it was not even worth it in the first place.
  • Going to the beach? Surprise! Sand everywhere! Expect to find sand in the most inexplicable places even two weeks after you first went to the beach.
  • Crowded beaches.  Some people like them. I personally go to the beach to relax. Too much people on the beach=complete turn off.
  • Doing well…nothing. If you are coming home from college, and can’t get a job or internship, you will get tired of the inactivity. In the end, you will just find yourself longing for autumn’s arrival.

Blazers for fall

I am a big fan of blazers. They are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, and they can upgrade even the most basic look.  With fall just around the corner, blazers will be a part of my day to day wardrobe again. Here are my favorite picks for this fall.


1) Zara

2) Pencey Standard

3) Topshop

4) LAVEER (splurge-one day hopefully)

5)LAVEER (on sale)

What makes you beautiful


lanaBeautiful Lana

     Why are we constantly bringing ourselves down? Why do we keep picking on our flaws? I realise that often, I will bring myself down for not looking like a magazine model, and I know how ridiculous that sounds. We have been conditioned to worship what is unachievable: perfection. We, myself included of course, have been made to believe that flawless-ness is a real thing, because we are exposed to it constantly, via the media. We will never achieve perfection, because of the imperfection of human nature. But we will not learn to truly love ourselves if we don’t admire the parts of us that make us beautiful. I am way too harsh on myself. I can spend one second in front of a mirror and I will find about fifty flaws.  I present to you the list about the things I believe make me beautiful, and I encourage you to do the same in the comments below.


  • I like my eyes, which are dark and soulful.
  • I like my straight, white teeth
  • I like my breasts, which are nature’s gift to me
  • I like my small, straight nose
  • I like my arms, which are starting to get really toned, thanks to constant exercise.

Please share what you like about yourself, and don’t forget to remind yourself of your list next time you are about to blow your confidence!

Layering dainty necklaces

When it comes to jewelry, I am pretty specific about what I like. Jewelry for me has to be simple, delicate but also noticeable, because I believe dainty pieces can have a definite impact on an outfit. Given my love for necklaces, I couldn’t just pass on layering dainty necklaces. Below,  I give you some interesting demonstrations by ladies who rock it.







My picks:


1) Shy by Sydney Evan

2) Jennifer Zeuner

3) Kristine Lily

4) Madewell

5) Gorjana

6) ginette_ny

7) Gorjana

Traveling memoirs


(photo not my own)

     I have spent a fraction of my teenage years in central Europe and I have visited a lot of European countries, however, it served as a surprise when I realised I haven’t actually noted any of my experiences down.  I am hoping to start a series where I will write babble about my travels. Keep in mind that some time has passed and I don’t remember all of the little details and such, but I will try to recall as many things as possible.

Stop one: Barcelona

     I visited Barcelona in May of 2010 for my senior trip, which was both good and bad. It was good because I got to make memories and spend times with people that mattered to me, and that I will forever cherish, but on the other hand it was bad, because we.were.too.many. As a lot of you might guess, traveling with a group can be tiresome, especially if that group is your senior class, which consists of so many different people with different personalities. I remember that the group of people closest to me wanted to spend day after day visiting one museum after another. While I support museums and believe that you should visit at least one museum when you visit a new place, when I am traveling I want to devote 90% of my time exploring. There is nothing more exciting to me than exploring a city, watching the locals and trying to grasp their everyday life, their habits,  and learning so much about the place you are visiting.  As I am writing this, pictures flood my brain; pictures from the sunny Barcelona streets, cruising down La Rambla, people watching in Barceloneta and making my way to the majestic Sagrada Familia (useless fact: I remember a McDonald’s across the street from La Sagrada Familia!) Barcelona fascinated me because it is a city of endless possibilities and can cater to even the most refined taste and it perfectly represents the marriage between history and modern culture.


     I was completely blown away by the amazing architecture of the city.  Before I visited Barcelona, I couldn’t care less about architecture. I live in a city that lacks majorly at that department, and even though I lived in places that had an interesting architecture, I, being young, was indifferent about that matter. However, Barcelona moved me in a way I didn’t think was possible. Every corner, every street was so beautiful, so classic and elegant, that left me admiring even the ugliest building. Because ugly has a different definition in Barcelona. Ugly may be old and worn down by the weather, but it still has so much life and energy that makes you marvel. One of course cannot ignore Gaudí’s influence on the city’s architecture. His work will leave you dizzy and confused most of the time, but in a way that will intrigue you.



     I remember that I got a sample of most of the things Barcelona has to offer. City cruising and people watching? Walking down La Rambla and wandering around gave me the most of that. I got the beach time vibe hanging out in La Barceloneta. Barcelona is also a shopping paradise; from upscale brands to Spain’s native high street stores, like Zara and Mango, you are sartorially covered. The nightlife is rich and promising.  And my favorite part, which is the food of course, leaves nothing to be desired, since there are a variety of plates to taste. (Don’t forget the tapas!)

Some recommendations:

  • When I visited Barcelona, the prices were lower in Zara,etc, were lower than in all of the other countries. Therefore, shop your heart out.
  • If you visit ( you must) La Sagrada Familia, and decide to go all the way up, keep in mind that as you go higher, the steps will only become narower. If you have trouble in heights, like me, keep that in mind.
  • Dine at Los Caracoles. Do it, seriously.
  • For some reason, we couldn’t find water easily. Since you will probably be wandering in the city all day, water will be essential, so make sure to bring some along with you. You will find Estrella, the native beer, in abudance, though.
  • If you are out late at night, and people approach you saying “cerveza” (beer) they don’t want to sell you beer, they want to sell you something that rhymes with dot. If you deny politely, they will go away. ( note: they probably approached as because we were a group of 18 year olds hanging out in the street at 2 am)
  • If this is your scene, the nightclubs in La Barceloneta are the best.

10 things I want

Is anyone else completely obsessed with wishlists, like me? I am organized to some extend, and making lists of fashion items I want to buy is one of the ways I spend time online ( at other times, I am battling with Candy Crush.) So, here are ten things I want right now. (Click images for links)

1.     gilda

Basic everyday pumps in an interesting color.


A clutch that gives a fresh accent to any outfit.


A luxurious lipstick in the most timeless color.

A wonderful rose gold ring, which reminds me of an older Dior design.


Summer may almost be over, but I can see myself wearing this dress through fall, with a cardigan and tights.


Dream swimsuit. I need this and a tropical beach.

A timeless watch to wear forever.


A different basic sweater for the upcoming cold days.


Dainty necklace, perfect for layering.


Jimmy Choo boots that are so expensive but so good.