Month: September, 2013

Song for the night


Charlotte Olympia capsule collection for Halloween


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How cute are the goodies from Charlotte Olympia’s Halloween collection? I want everything! The collection will be available October 1st in Charlotte Olympia stores and online, and on Net a Porter.

Looks from the Shopbop sale

As if we needed another reason to love Shopbop and sales. (Also: dream shopping)



This outfit is pretty basic: the boyfriend jeans, the sweater and the flats are probably everybody’s “going groccery shopping” look (if you exclude sweatpants). However, the statement necklace and the bag dress it up just enough to make it appropriate for grabbing coffee in that hype downtown coffee place.

Get the look:










Get the look:

Leather pants




Rings ( they are not on sale, but they are dirt cheap)

Splurge VS Save

This week: celestial earrings



Catbird tiny dancer star&moon studs


Erica Weiner moon and star studs

Spurge VS Save

This week: grey pumps



Lauren Marinis Gilda ( can you tell I am in love with this shoe?)


ShoeMint Bess in Grey

Friendships die

   frienPlease excuse the hipster photo, but it demonstrates the sentiment perfectly.


They say all things must come to an end.  I don’t exactly agree with that.  But as time passes, and I am getting older (and wiser, hopefully) I see people go out of my life all the more often. Sure, that’s the way it goes: people come and go in and out of our lives all the time. But as I am becoming more mature I realize that there are some people I simply can’t hold in my life anymore, people with whom I used to spend the majority of my time. If you are in your 20s or over 20, you will understand what I’m talking about: that defining moment when you realize that you want to do something that is meaningful to you and act towards a better life, but your friends are not on the same page as you. As a matter of fact, they are 100 pages behind you. So what do you do? You try to show them how you have changed, how you wish to live a more fulfilling life, but hey don’t understand, or in the worst case scenario they keep trying to pull you back. Then it is only a matter of time before one of these three things happen: your friends become inspired by your change and try to imitate you so they become better people as well. Your friends don’t understand how you changed, but you stay friends, which may be difficult for now, but your friendship will come out stronger after some years. Or your friendship dies because there is just nothing to keep you together anymore.

FRIENDS, the show, has convinced me that the friendships you develop in your 20s will last forever no matter what. Sadly, it is not always true in real life. Some people will want to progress and grab life by the balls. Other people, like someone who I considered a very close friend of mine will just watch idly as life passes them by.  I don’t want our friendship to die, but I cannot let it hold me back.

Grey palette

       Grey is the color I often reach out for when dressing and now that fall is here it is even more appropriate. It may strike some people as a dull colour, but I believe that when worn right it can make a pretty fashionable statement.


A metallic gray mini bag

Over the knee socks to achieve the effortless school-girl look

Ballet flats perfect for stepping on crunchy leaves

A cape, that is on sale!

My dream grey pumps

A fun grey sweater

Sunglasses for the sunny days of fall

A perfect hand chain.