Month: March, 2011

zadig et voltaire

Awesome cashmere crop jumper from zadig et voltaire

tossing and turning

Awesome, full of badass-ness, hardcore platforms by Senso…For a rock n roll summer. Here

new kid in town

While browsing my favorite online shops today, I stumbled upon Bona Drag, one of my favorite sites for out of this world pieces. And I saw this babe. This gorgeous dress, which is so frustrating to look at, but in a good way, if that is even possible. It features every geometrical shape possible, along with eyes (!), and in addition to its awesome redness, it is blue,white, yellow. Talk about love. You can get it for 356 bones here


Zoe Saldana in the most perfect mint dress and shoes that made my jaw drop. 

seeing stars

Probably late to jump on the Dolce and Gabbana stars bandwagon, but I am impressed! Look at that! Stars and glitter and chiffon= summer heaven. Thank goodness I bought this Kate Moss for topshop star print shirt last year!!!

Pictures courtesy of KnightCat

the joys of being

For all of you that bother to visit my tiny little blog, you probably know it is an infinite wishlist, with things that the average person (including me) couldn’t afford. But heck, I enjoy “online window shopping” and get inspired in many levels through it. Anyways, this gorgeous (probably the most gorgeous necklace I have ever seen)necklace Iosselliani ( how on earth do you pronounce that!?) is ridiculously over priced, but I mean look at that! Truly a work of art! Get it here

prayers for japan

Japan, the world is with you.
My thoughts and prayers to all the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami.
Stay strong!