Breaks and broken things.

Some people believe you can’t fix what is broken. I disagree with that. I believe that part of our humanity is making mistakes and trying to fix things. After all, isn’t the inevitability of making mistakes the cornerstone of our existence? Would it have been possible for us, as a whole, to achieve such vast amounts of progress if it weren’t for mistakes? It’s all about trial and error.

I guess giving up is easy. Fucking up is also easy. But when you find something in your life worth fighting for, why would you give it up? Mistakes are inevitable after all, so there is a guaranteed certainty that you will fuck up in one way or another. And by fucking up you create tension. And tension creates an uneasy feeling, which can result in rips or tears. Then I guess you need to know how to sew. This metaphor is really bad, but still.  Life is really all about trying to make things right. It’s about understanding where you went wrong, trying to fix it, asking for forgiveness, putting aside your selfish tendencies and making it your mission to make everyday better than the last.

If you find someone that can make you happy with their smile, find the strenght to keep them in your life. We live in a world that encourages selfish behavior. A world where the winner is the person that gets out alive, no matter how much pain they have caused. I fucked up because I let myself be part of that world. I fucked up because I believed that the most selfish one wins. Guess what? I lost. Selfishness is not the answer. Especially in love. No, never in love. But I try to fix my mistakes. I try to make it right. Who knows if I will make it? I lost everything when I made the ones I loved cry. But I hope they find the strenght to forgive me, and I hope I can find the strenght to forgive myself, and I hope that I can make things right. After all, when something is broken, there is always glue.