Things I won’t miss about summer

by Irene



     Ah, summer. The season most people (yours truly included) consider as their favorite. The season of sun, tanning, the tastiest fruit, BBQs, days spent lounging on the beach,warm weather and longer days. With only a few days left till summer waves buh-bye and in order to defeat the approaching depression associated with summer’s end, I present to you that things that will (universally) won’t be missed about summer. Those things that we overlook as we reminisce past summer days.  Please feel free to let me know in the comments if something slipped my mind.

  • The boiling heat (obviously). Summer is hot and perfect, but only when you are at a temperature regulated (indoor) climate or by the pool or the beach. If you try to do something outside, well be prepared for a lot of sweating. Which brings us to:
  • The insane sweat amounts produced. I know that there is a limit to the amount of sweat the human body can produce, but when temperature reaches so high that you can fry an egg on the sidewalkm no matter what you wear, no matter how breezy your sundress, you will sweat.a.ton. Sweating is uncomfortable when you are in a public setting. Sweating is bad. Sweating should stay in the gym. Thanks to summer you can get that gym-sweaty look the minute you step outside your house. Thanks, summah. Thanks a LOT.
  • Bugs. Bugs everywhere. It’s summer! It’s time for a picnic! Wait do you hear that? Oh yeah, WASP ATTACK. You manage to survive, yet you go home to find out a cockroach is currently residing at your place, because it is so hot in the sewage system. Yeah, bugs find their way out of their winter holes and into the world everytime summer comes. So nice!
  • Make up melting off your face. I love my make up. It makes me feel all nice and happy and confident. Nobody can make me take it off. Oh, well scratch that, actually summer can. Summer, with its extremely high temperatures will make my make up melt off my face in no time.  So, my face is a sweaty, smudged mess. Summer will ruin your gorgeous make up look. In the end, it makes you feel like it was not even worth it in the first place.
  • Going to the beach? Surprise! Sand everywhere! Expect to find sand in the most inexplicable places even two weeks after you first went to the beach.
  • Crowded beaches.  Some people like them. I personally go to the beach to relax. Too much people on the beach=complete turn off.
  • Doing well…nothing. If you are coming home from college, and can’t get a job or internship, you will get tired of the inactivity. In the end, you will just find yourself longing for autumn’s arrival.