What makes you beautiful

by Irene


lanaBeautiful Lana

     Why are we constantly bringing ourselves down? Why do we keep picking on our flaws? I realise that often, I will bring myself down for not looking like a magazine model, and I know how ridiculous that sounds. We have been conditioned to worship what is unachievable: perfection. We, myself included of course, have been made to believe that flawless-ness is a real thing, because we are exposed to it constantly, via the media. We will never achieve perfection, because of the imperfection of human nature. But we will not learn to truly love ourselves if we don’t admire the parts of us that make us beautiful. I am way too harsh on myself. I can spend one second in front of a mirror and I will find about fifty flaws.  I present to you the list about the things I believe make me beautiful, and I encourage you to do the same in the comments below.


  • I like my eyes, which are dark and soulful.
  • I like my straight, white teeth
  • I like my breasts, which are nature’s gift to me
  • I like my small, straight nose
  • I like my arms, which are starting to get really toned, thanks to constant exercise.

Please share what you like about yourself, and don’t forget to remind yourself of your list next time you are about to blow your confidence!