Back to school

by Irene

August marks the peak of summer, but it also means something else: shopping for back to school supplies. You may not be going back to school, but here are five things that may prove useful whether you are or aren’t going back to school.

ImageOXO salad spinner

A salad spinner may seem like an unnecessary purchase, but it will improve drastically the flavor of your salad. Besides, having a salad shaker will encourage you to devour more vegetables, and the ease it provides in salad making, will have you thinking twice about indulging in junk food.


      Patterned binder

This patterned ring binder from ferm living is a stylish upgrade to the usual basic, monochromatic binders. The geo print is perfect for those dull days when the last thing that you need is boring office supplies.


Copper cup

Another item from ferm living, this copper cup is the perfect pencil holder. Just think about how sleek this design will look on your desk. The metallic look is sure to give a more refined look to any space.


Washi tape

This multi-use wonder will cater to your creative tendencies and add a fun accent to everything.


A globe for your appointments

Finally, a globe that you can write on, which has more character than Post-its. Besides from being sufficient in reminding you about upcoming engangements, I can see this working as a make-do art piece. All you need is some creativity and inspiration.