chateau belle.

by Irene

American Gold Chateau Belle Ivory sweater via Spanish Moss
  There are a few things I hate.Bus fares for example.Rude people (yeah you have a bad day-not my fault).But what I hate the most?What makes me go bleh?When something I lust over goes out of stock the day that I have enough money to make it mine.PLEASE.Spanish Moss really?WHY?
Rant over.
The ways I could wear this sweater-never ending. With my love,leather shorts. With my second love, leather pants. With jeans and a skinny leopard print belt. With a perfect vintage velvet skirt. In love.
Oh hey this is my first blog post! Do you know how can I make the title different?Like with a black outline and white on the inside?This is far too typical.Oh well, I will figure it out soon I suppose!